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Eric Eastwood 9078abf4f1
Timeout requests and stop processing further (#204)

 - Apply timeout middleware to all room directory and room routes
 - Stop messing with the response after we timeout. Fix
    - This also involves cancelling any `async/await` things like requests in the routes so we throw an abort error instead of continuing on. Fix
 - Also abort the route if we see that the user closed the request before we could respond to them
 - Bumps minimum supported Node.js version to v18 because we're now using the built-in native `fetch` in Node.js vs `node-fetch`. This gives us the custom `signal.reason` that we aborted with instead of a generic `AbortError`.
    - This also means we had to add some instrumentation for `fetch` which uses `undici` under the hood. Settled on some unofficial instrumentation: [`opentelemetry-instrumentation-fetch-node`](
2023-05-02 00:39:01 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 9c0b6fe85e
Production ready build (#175)
- Rename `public` -> `client` so it doesn't get copied automagically as-is (without hashes which we want for cache busting),
     - We still build the version files to `public/` so their copied as-is and Vite handles it for us (so we can use `emptyOutDir`) 
 - Use a multiple entrypoint `.js` Vite build so things can be more intelligently bundled and take less time
     - We aren't using library mode because it doesn't minify or bundle assets
 - Using hash asset tags for cache busting. Hash of the file included in the file name
 - We lookup these hashed assets from `manifest.json` that Vite builds ( to serve and preload
 - In terms of optimized bundles, I know the current output isn't great now but will have to opt to fix that up separately in the future. Tracked by
2023-04-24 23:50:53 -05:00
Eric Eastwood e99a0d6912
Rename to build-scripts to it appears in GitHub file finder (#166)
It seems like the `build/` directory is ignored in the GitHub file
finder as a sane default for people who put compiled assets there.

`build-scripts/` probably makes more sense anyway
2023-04-07 13:17:46 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 127d416e6a
Room directory landing page v1 (#61)
Part of
2022-09-08 01:30:04 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 724c562d6f
Fix image not running in K8s (ROSA) (#24)
Fix image not running in K8s (ROSA)

Trying to solve the container exiting with error code `243`. `npm` throws `243` for any command you try to run with it.

Here is how to get into the container while the entrypoint normally errors.
$ oc run -i --tty mpa-test2 --port=3050 --restart=Never --env="DOMAIN=cluster" --command /bin/bash
$ npm start

$ echo $?

Why does the same image work in Docker?
$ docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash
$ npm start
# it starts 

## Root cause

Seems like it could be either of these issues. Both are `8.6.0`+ problems as well which lines up with the `npm` version available in each base image.

    - Specific comment about breaking stuff in k8s for other people,
2022-06-15 18:42:15 -05:00
Eric Eastwood bd5c14242e
Make sure container is able to start up (#23)
Follow-up to
2022-06-15 17:12:44 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 780600e3dd
Containerize app (make a Docker image for `matrix-public-archive`) (#22)
Containerize app (make a Docker image for `matrix-public-archive`)


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