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Eric Eastwood 5d444d5044
Rename project from "Matrix Public Archive" to "Matrix Viewer" (#280)
Mentioned in the recent blog post:

The canonical `` instance is not live yet but this is pre-requisite work for that to happen.
2023-07-14 15:52:35 -05:00
Eric Eastwood dfeae90829
Link FAQ about indexing in the right-panel footer (#258)
Link FAQ about indexing in the right-panel footer so people can more easily
understand what goes into the result and find issues to track about opting out.

 - 5caf9dc1b8/docs/ (how-do-i-opt-out-and-keep-my-room-from-being-indexed-by-search-engines)
2023-05-31 01:23:39 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 16323df054
Add image metadata for URL previews (#224)
- Default to a nice `[matrix]` banner
    -  There is room for improvement here when the Matrix Public Archive gets it's own logo ( and maybe says "Matrix Public Archive" somewhere in the banner.
    - This is good enough for now (and certainly better than downstream previews using the first image on the page).
 - For rooms, it will use the room avatar

Part of

Image is sized to 1200x630 to match conventions of `og:image`.

Crafted the banner image by modifying the header on the room directory homepage and taking a node screenshot. Page zoom @ 175%
2023-05-10 00:50:12 -05:00
Eric Eastwood b70439e95b
Add safe search filter for NSFW rooms (#208)
2023-05-03 04:45:33 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 0df1a79754
Fix styles on timeout page (#203)
Fix styles on timeout page since we started using the `manifest.json` for asset paths in
2023-05-01 15:13:16 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 0f26dc94d3
Migrate from `eslint-plugin-node` to `eslint-plugin-n` (#179) 2023-04-25 00:39:59 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 9c0b6fe85e
Production ready build (#175)
- Rename `public` -> `client` so it doesn't get copied automagically as-is (without hashes which we want for cache busting),
     - We still build the version files to `public/` so their copied as-is and Vite handles it for us (so we can use `emptyOutDir`) 
 - Use a multiple entrypoint `.js` Vite build so things can be more intelligently bundled and take less time
     - We aren't using library mode because it doesn't minify or bundle assets
 - Using hash asset tags for cache busting. Hash of the file included in the file name
 - We lookup these hashed assets from `manifest.json` that Vite builds ( to serve and preload
 - In terms of optimized bundles, I know the current output isn't great now but will have to opt to fix that up separately in the future. Tracked by
2023-04-24 23:50:53 -05:00