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Eric Eastwood 5d444d5044
Rename project from "Matrix Public Archive" to "Matrix Viewer" (#280)
Mentioned in the recent blog post:

The canonical `` instance is not live yet but this is pre-requisite work for that to happen.
2023-07-14 15:52:35 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 55f1867c68
Prevent Cloudflare from overriding our own 504 timeout page (#228)
Explored in (internal deployment issue)

> Cloudflare returns an Cloudflare-branded HTTP 502 or 504 error when your origin web server responds with a standard HTTP 502 bad gateway or 504 gateway timeout error:
> *--*

<img src="" width="400">

The only way to disable this functionality is to have an Enterprise Cloudflare plan and use the `Enable Origin Error Pages` option:

> **Enable Origin Error Pages**
> When Origin Error Page is set to “On”, Cloudflare will proxy the 502 and 504 error pages directly from the origin.
> Requires Enterprise or higher

So instead of dealing with that headache, we're just working around this by responding with a 500 error when we timeout. Should be good enough I think. The user won't know any difference but may affect what Search Engines think. Not sure search engines care about the distinction since the page is slow to respond anyway which they punish.
2023-05-11 16:24:58 -05:00
Eric Eastwood b0cee80253
Update docs to reflect that we need stable MSC3030 /timstamp_to_event (#159)
Follow-up to
2023-02-17 02:35:23 -06:00
Eric Eastwood 6e2a56d726
Update readme with creature comforts and MSC3030-enabled server prerequisite (#144)
Spawning from
2022-11-18 03:29:57 -06:00
Eric Eastwood dc85e839a1
Add config to disable search engine indexing (#127) 2022-11-08 22:41:58 -06:00
Eric Eastwood 08254cbb49
Add a way to jump forwards and backwards to more activity in the room (seamless navigation) (#114)
Follow-up to


 - Changes the "Jump to next activity in room" to actually continue you to the next 100 messages ahead. Previously, it only jumped you to the single next event in the room which meant a lot of backwards overlap each time.
    - Jumping this direction will also start your scroll position at the top of the timeline to continue reading seamlessly `?continue=top`
 - Adds "Jump to previous activity in room" to the top of the timeline to continue reading the previous part of the conversation.

[1]: There is a caveat with seamless here which is also commented on in the code:

> XXX: This is flawed in the fact that when we go `/messages?dir=b` it could  backfill messages which will fill up the response before we perfectly connect and  continue from the position they were jumping from before. When `/messages?dir=f`  backfills, we won't have this problem anymore because any messages backfilled in  the forwards direction would be picked up the same going backwards.

(need forwards fill MSC)
2022-11-02 04:27:30 -05:00
Eric Eastwood 127d416e6a
Room directory landing page v1 (#61)
Part of
2022-09-08 01:30:04 -05:00
Eric Eastwood b81df10c8e
Use JSON5 for configuration files with comments (#52)
Use JSON5 for configuration files with comments. Now we can leave the available config in `config.default.json` without having to add weird instructions to remove the `xxx`, etc

2022-08-29 20:33:02 -05:00
Eric Eastwood bdaa98e722
Make the `child_process` error catching more robust (`uncaughtException`) (#51)
Split off from

Listen to `process.on('uncaughtException', ...)` and handle the async errors ourselves so it no longer fails the child process.

And if the process does exit with status code 1 (error), we have those underlying errors serialized and shown.
2022-08-29 19:13:56 -05:00
Eric Eastwood ddfe94beab
OpenTelemetry tracing so we can see spans where the app is taking time (#27)
OpenTelemetry tracing so we can see spans where the app is taking time.
For the user, we specifically show the spans for the external API HTTP requests
that are slow (so we know when the Matrix API is being slow).

Enable tracing:

 - `npm run start -- --tracing`
 - `npm run start-dev -- --tracing`

What does this PR change:

 - Adds OpenTelemetry tracing with some of the automatic instrumentation (includes HTTP and express)
    - We ignore traces for serving static assets (just noise)
 - Adds `X-Trace-Id` to the response headers
 - Adds `window.tracingSpansForRequest` which includes the external HTTP API requests made during the request
 - Adds a fancy 504 timeout page that includes trace details and lists the slow HTTP requests
 - Adds `jaegerTracesEndpoint` configuration to export tracing spans to Jaeger
 - Related to,
2022-07-14 11:08:50 -05:00
Eric Eastwood db6d3797d7 Working e2e test 2022-02-24 03:27:53 -06:00
Eric Eastwood 839e31a35e E2E test but still failing because fetching from start of day before test events happened 2022-02-23 21:25:05 -06:00