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# Introduction
### Thank you for contributing
Without people like you this project wouldn't be anywhere near as polished and feature-rich as it is now.
### Guidelines
Following these guidelines helps show that you respect the the time and effort spent by the developers and your fellow contributors making this project.
### What we are looking for
Zotify is a community-driven project. There are many different ways to contribute. From providing tutorials and examples to help new users, reporting bugs, requesting new features, writing new code that can be added to the project, or even writing documentation.
### What we aren't looking for
Please don't use the issues section to request help installing or setting up the project. It should be reserved for bugs when running the code, and feature requests. Instead use the support channel in either our Discord or Matrix server.
Please do not make a new pull request just to fix a typo or any small issue like that. We'd rather you just make an issue reporting it and we will fix it in the next commit. This helps to prevent commit spamming.
# Ground rules
### Expectations
* Ensure all code is linted with pylint before pushing.
* Ensure all code passes the [testing criteria](#testing-criteria) (coming soon).
* If you're planning on contributing a new feature, join the Discord or Matrix and discuss it with the Dev Team.
* Please don't commit multiple new features at once.
* Follow the [Python Community Code of Conduct](https://www.python.org/psf/codeofconduct/)
# Your first contribution
Unsure where to start? Have a look for any issues tagged "good first issue". They should be minor bugs that only require a few lines to fix.
Here are a couple of friendly tutorials on making pull requests: http://makeapullrequest.com/ and http://www.firsttimersonly.com/
# Code review process
The dev team looks at Pull Requests around once per day. After feedback has been given we expect responses within one week. After a week we may close the pull request if it isn't showing any activity.
You may be asked by a maintainer to "rebase" your PR, they're saying that a lot of code has changed, and that you need to update your branch so it's easier to merge.
# Community
Come and chat with us on Discord or Matrix. Devs try to respond to mentions at least once per day.