Lock and wipe on emergency.
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Lock a device and wipe its data on emergency.

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You can use PanicKit, tile, shortcut or send a message with a secret code. On trigger, using Device Administration API, it locks a device and optionally runs wipe (factory reset). Or it can send a broadcast message instead of the wipe.

Also you can:

  • fire when a device was not unlocked for X time
  • fire when a USB data connection is made while a device is locked
  • fire when a fake messenger app is launched
  • fire when a duress password is entered (companion app: Duress)

The app works in Work Profile too, but with limitations. Use it to install risky apps and Wasted in it. Then you can wipe this profile data with one click without wiping the whole device.

For base security take a look at: Sentry.
Only encrypted device may guarantee that the data will not be recoverable.

Be aware that the app does not work in safe mode.


  • action: me.lucky.wasted.action.TRIGGER
  • receiver: me.lucky.wasted/.TriggerReceiver
  • also you have to send a secret code from Wasted with the key: code


  • DEVICE_ADMIN - lock and optionally wipe a device
  • FOREGROUND_SERVICE - receive lock and USB state events
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - persist lock job and foreground service across reboots




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