GE Home Appliances (SmartHQ) for Home Assistant
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GE Home Appliances (SmartHQ)

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Integration for GE WiFi-enabled appliances into Home Assistant. This integration currently supports the following devices:

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher / F&P Dual Dishwasher
  • Laundry (Washer/Dryer)
  • Whole Home Water Filter
  • Whole Home Water Softener
  • Whole Home Water Heater
  • A/C (Portable, Split, Window, Built-In)
  • Range Hood
  • Advantium
  • Microwave
  • Opal Ice Maker
  • Coffee Maker / Espresso Maker
  • Beverage Center

Forked from Andrew Mark's repository.


Unfortunately, I'm pretty much at the end of what I can do without assistance from others with these devices that can help provide logs. I'll do what I can to make updates if there's something broken, but I am not really able to add new functionality if I can't get a little help to do so.

Home Assistant UI Examples

Entities card:


Fridge Controls:

Fridge controls

Oven Controls:

Fridge controls

A/C Controls:

A/C controls

Installation (Manual)

  1. Using the tool of choice open the directory (folder) for your HA configuration (where you find configuration.yaml).
  2. If you do not have a custom_components directory (folder) there, you need to create it.
  3. In the custom_components directory (folder) create a new folder called ge_home.
  4. Download all the files from the custom_components/ge_home/ directory (folder) in this repository.
  5. Place the files you downloaded in the new directory (folder) you created.
  6. Restart Home Assistant
  7. In the HA UI go to "Configuration" -> "Integrations" click "+" and search for "GE Home"

Installation (HACS)

Please follow directions here, and use as the repository URL.


Configuration is done via the HA user interface. You need to have your device registered with the SmartHQ website.

Once the HACS Integration of GE Home is completed:

  1. Navigate to Settings --> Devices & Services
  2. Click Add Integration blue button on the bottom-right of the page
  3. Locate the GE Home (SmartHQ) "Brand" (Integration)
  4. Click on the integration, and you will be prompted to enter a Username, Password and Location (US or EU)
  5. Enter the email address you used to register/connect your device as the Username
  6. Same with the password
  7. Select the region you registered your device in (US or EU).
  8. Once you submit, the integration will log in and get all your connected devices.
  9. You can define in which area you device is, then click Finish
  10. Your sensors should appear as sensor.<serial_number>_<sensor_function> ie: sensor.fs12345678_dishwasher_cycle_name

Change Log

Please click here for change information.