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# 0.2.0 - _upcoming_ - Matrix Viewer
- Prevent Cloudflare from overriding our own 504 timeout page,
- Catch NSFW rooms with underscores,
- Fix `18+` false positives with NSFW check,
- Fix room cards sorting in the wrong direction on Firefox,
- Remove `` as a default since their rooms are not accessible,
- Add reason why the bot is joining the room,
- Add `/faq` redirect,
- Use `rel=canonical` link to de-duplicate event permalinks,,
- Prevent join event spam with stable `reason`,
- Don't allow previewing `shared` history rooms,
- Contributed by [@tulir](
- Update FAQ to explain `world_readable` only,
- Indicate when the room was set to `world_readable` and by who,
- Only show `world_readable` rooms in the room directory,
Developer facing:
- Fix eslint trying to look at `node_modules/`,
# 0.1.0 - 2023-05-11
- Initial public release with good enough functionality to be generally available including: room directory homepage, room archive view with calendar jump-to-date, drill-down with the time selector, following room upgrades (tombstone/predecessor), and more. Completed milestone: