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wowario 276fd65f2a
Update RandomWOW to 1.2.1-wow 4 months ago
j-berman 1e38c3c508
wallet2: ensure transfers and sweeps use same fee calc logic
Ensures both transfers and sweeps use a fee that's calculated
from the tx's weight. Using different logic could theoretically
enable distinguishability between the two types of txs. We don't
want that.
4 months ago
jeffro256 1cb536ff45
http_client: reduce number of packets sent for small bodies 4 months ago
tobtoht 7737171b6c
depends: openssl: update to 3.0.11 4 months ago
selsta 1b8475003c
wallet2: fix refresh function parameters
max_blocks is last on master branch
5 months ago
Boog900 c1093aa33d
Fix: long term block weight cache
The long term block weight cache was doing a wrong calculation when
adding a new block to the cache.
5 months ago
Boog900 650cef2279
add a test for the long term weight cache 5 months ago
wowario 3c329005f5
add more seeds 5 months ago
wowario 56b5d10b41
disable mismatched daemon check 5 months ago
wowario bae8df3f21
remove nudge in daemon_is_outdated 5 months ago
wowario 8f6e5fb500
[README] bump version 5 months ago
wowario b322839951
update checkpoints 5 months ago
wowario 1e5184a63a
remove nudge in num_mainnet_hard_forks 5 months ago
_XxFedexX_ 87be033224
Add _xxfedexx_'s PGP key 5 months ago
wowario c1488d7896
remove rx_set code 5 months ago
wowario 140a5e430a
use rx_set_miner_thread after RX_BLOCK_VERSION 5 months ago
thotbot 378e241ff6
Import transaction 5 months ago
wowario b403a4e6d4
show wallet info 5 months ago
hinto-janaiyo 35a6b6c825
simplewallet/wallet2: set option - show-detailed-prompt 5 months ago
moneromooo-monero bfc28a3bfe
blockchain_prune: faster
on my anecdotal SSD, goes from about 9 hours to 1h20.
5 months ago
moneromooo-monero 27a9a417dc
simplewallet: print fully qualified filename for new wallets
from time to time, some people don't realize their wallets get
created in their current working directory
5 months ago
thotbot e3d5e895cd
Misc. network related
- Add interface for bytes sent/received
- Allow wallet refresh while daemon is not synchronized
- emit success boolean for refreshed()
- don't call refreshThreadFunc (we don't need it)
- lower rpc timeout from 3m30s (?!) to 10 seconds
5 months ago
thotbot 5b9e342966
Skip unneeded blocks in fast refresh 5 months ago
thotbot dc44ccad2d
subaddressIndex() 5 months ago
thotbot fad6c11b6f
Print wallet cache 5 months ago
thotbot 493608203f
Misc. wallet API and wallet2 changes 5 months ago
thotbot ce32e59844
Coins 5 months ago
thotbot c7c1558c1d
Offline transaction signing 5 months ago
wowario 176ed83a39
update checkpoints 5 months ago
wowario 51e192d2cc
connect to updated seeds 5 months ago
wowario 2ebf9fcfe9
add wowario PGP key 5 months ago
w0wΔri0 938420b2e6
Revoke old pgp key 5 months ago
wowario 4679496727
support old ass BPs 5 months ago
wowario 8780f9fb30
revert sanity check 5 months ago
wowario 7cd57d6479
wallet seed message spacing 5 months ago
wowario 6e22bcadd9
remove warning reusing keys 5 months ago
wowario 02c36da7e5
remove warning about background mining 5 months ago
wowario d3e753deb5
add clear screen command 5 months ago
wowario 487418b952
wownero chan 5 months ago
wowario 748d6a3184
update 5 months ago
wowario 7ab0cbb19e
update checkpoints 5 months ago
wowario 31c5ba00d5
set fork height 5 months ago
wowario c80566ca00
from v20, limit tx extra size 5 months ago
wowario dcafb09415
Debug level No incoming connections 5 months ago
wowario ae54f2e737
update checkpoints 5 months ago
wowario e1f25be028
uri remainder 5 months ago
wowario 3b15bb4696
update 5 months ago
wowario e00a7d1638
remove testnet/stagenet fork heights/blocks 5 months ago
wowario c69dc334fb
don't request pre-bulletprooof pruned blocks 5 months ago
wowario 89c0a9de4c
change to debug level 5 months ago