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  • Only replace chars with _ when required
  • Added defaults to README


  • Dockerfile works again
  • Fixed lrc file extension replacement
  • Fixed lrc file writes breaking on non-utf8 systems


  • Add new scope for reading followed artists
  • Print API errors by default


  • Fix cover art size once and for all


  • Fix low resolution cover art
  • Fix crash when missing ffmpeg


  • Improve check for direct download availability of podcasts


  • Temporary fix for upstream protobuf error


  • Added -f / --followed option to download every song by all of your followed artists


  • Implemented more stable fix for bug still persisting after v0.6.4


  • Fixed upstream bug causing tracks to not download fully


  • Less stupid single format
  • Fixed error in json fetching
  • Default to search if no other option is provided


  • Won't crash if downloading a song with no lyrics and DOWNLOAD_LYRICS is set to True
  • Fixed visual glitch when entering login info
  • Saving genre metadata is now optional (disabled by default) and configurable with the MD_SAVE_GENRES/--md-save-genres option
  • Switched to new loading animation that hopefully renders a little better in Windows command shells
  • Username and password can now be entered as arguments with --username and --password - does not take priority over credentials.json
  • Added option to disable saving credentials SAVE_CREDENTIALS/--save-credentials - will still use credentials.json if already exists
  • Default output format for singles is now {artist}/Single - {song_name}/{artist} - {song_name}.{ext}


  • Added support for synced lyrics (unsynced is synced unavailable)
  • Can be configured with the DOWNLOAD_LYRICS option in config.json or --download-lyrics=True/False as a command line argument


General changes

  • Added "DOWNLOAD_QUALITY" config option. This can be "normal" (96kbks), "high" (160kpbs), "very-high" (320kpbs, premium only) or "auto" which selects the highest format available for your account automatically.
  • The "FORCE_PREMIUM" option has been removed, the same result can be achieved with --download-quality="very-high".
  • The "BITRATE" option has been renamed "TRANSCODE_BITRATE" as it now only effects transcodes
  • FFmpeg is now semi-optional, not having it installed means you are limited to saving music as ogg vorbis.
  • Zotify can now be installed with pip install https://gitlab.com/team-zotify/zotify/-/archive/main/zotify-main.zip
  • Zotify can be ran from any directory with zotify [args], you no longer need to prefix "python" in the command.
  • The -s option now takes search input as a command argument, it will still promt you if no search is given.
  • The -ls/--liked-songs option has been shrotened to -l/--liked,
  • Singles are now stored in their own folders under the artist folder
  • Fixed default config not loading on first run
  • Now shows asterisks when entering password
  • Switched from os.path to pathlib
  • New default config locations:
    • Windows: %AppData%\Roaming\Zotify\config.json
    • Linux: ~/.config/zotify/config.json
    • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Zotify/config.json
    • Other/Undetected: .zotify/config.json
    • You can still use --config-location to specify a different location.
  • New default credential locations:
    • Windows: %AppData%\Roaming\Zotify\credentials.json
    • Linux: ~/.local/share/zotify/credentials.json
    • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Zotify/credentials.json
    • Other/Undetected: .zotify/credentials.json
    • You can still use --credentials-location to specify a different file.
  • New default music and podcast locations:
    • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\Music\Zotify Music\ & C:\Users\<user>\Music\Zotify Podcasts\
    • Linux & macOS: ~/Music/Zotify Music/ & ~/Music/Zotify Podcasts/
    • Other/Undetected: ./Zotify Music/ & ./Zotify Podcasts/
    • You can still use --root-path and --root-podcast-path respectively to specify a differnt location


  • Dockerfile is currently broken, it will be fixed soon.
    The Dockerhub image is now discontinued, we will try to switch to GitLab's container registry.

Windows installer

  • The Windows installer is unavilable with this release.
  • The current installation system will be replaced and a new version will be available with the next release.


General changes

  • Fixed filenaming on Windows
  • Fixed removal of special characters metadata
  • Can now download different songs with the same name
  • Real-time downloads now work correctly
  • Removed some debug messages
  • Added album_artist metadata
  • Added global song archive
  • Added SONG_ARCHIVE config value
  • Added CREDENTIALS_LOCATION config value
  • Added --download argument
  • Added --config-location argument
  • Added --output for output templating
  • Save extra data in .song_ids
  • Added options to regulate terminal output
  • Direct download support for certain podcasts

Docker images

  • Remember credentials between container starts
  • Use same uid/gid in container as on host

Windows installer

  • Now comes with full installer
  • Dependencies are installed if not found