ChatGPT bot for Matrix
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ChatGPT bot for Matrix.

Uses code from anoadragon453/nio-template.


sudo apt install libolm-dev gcc python3-dev
pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy config.sample.yaml to config.yaml and fill it out with your bot's auth and your OpenAI API key.

Then invite your bot and start a chat by prefixing your message with !c. The bot will create a thread (you don't need to use !c in the thread).

I included a sample Systemd service.


Invite the bot to your room and query it with the command !c (this can be changed in the config.)

Don't try to use two bots in the same thread.

The bot will move its read marker when a new message is sent in the room.

The bot can give helpful reactions:

  • 🚫 means that the user is not allowed to chat with the bot.
  • means the bot encountered an exception. The bot restarts when it encounters an exception which means it will not be able to respond for a short time after this reaction.
  • 🔐 means there was a decryption failure.


This bot supports encryption. I recommend using Pantalaimon to manage encryption keys as the built-in solution is a little janky and may be unreliable.