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A highly customizable music and podcast downloader.

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  • Downloads at up to 320kbps*
  • Downloads directly from the source**
  • Downloads podcasts, playlists, liked songs, albums, artists, singles.
  • Downloads synced lyrics from the source
  • Option to download in real time to appear more legitimate***
  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • Download directly from URL or use built-in in search
  • Bulk downloads from a list of URLs in a text file or parsed directly as arguments

*Free accounts are limited to 160kbps.
**Audio files are NOT substituted with ones from other sources such as YouTube or Deezer, they are sourced directly.
***'real time' refers to downloading at the speed it would normally be streamed at (the duration of the track).



- Python 3.9 or greater
- FFmpeg


python -m pip install git+https://zotify.xyz/zotify/zotify.git

See INSTALLATION for a more detailed and opinionated installation walkthrough.

Command line usage

Basic command line usage:
  zotify <track/album/playlist/episode/artist url>   Downloads the track, album, playlist or podcast episode specified as a command line argument. If an artist url is given, all albums by specified artist will be downloaded. Can take multiple urls.

Basic options:
  (nothing)        Download the tracks/albums/playlists URLs from the parameter
  -d, --download   Download all tracks/albums/playlists URLs from the specified file
  -p, --playlist   Downloads a saved playlist from your account
  -l, --liked      Downloads all the liked songs from your account
  -f, --followed   Downloads all songs by all artists you follow
  -s, --search     Searches for specified track, album, artist or playlist, loads search prompt if none are given.  
  -h, --help       See this message.


All these options can either be configured in the config or via the commandline, in case of both the commandline-option has higher priority.
Be aware you have to set boolean values in the commandline like this: --download-real-time=True

Key (config) Commandline parameter Defaults Description
CREDENTIALS_LOCATION --credentials-location The location of the credentials.json
OUTPUT --output The output location/format (see below)
SONG_ARCHIVE --song-archive The song_archive file for SKIP_PREVIOUSLY_DOWNLOADED
ROOT_PATH --root-path Directory where Zotify saves music
ROOT_PODCAST_PATH --root-podcast-path Directory where Zotify saves podcasts
SPLIT_ALBUM_DISCS --split-album-discs False Saves each disk in its own folder
DOWNLOAD_LYRICS --download-lyrics True Downloads synced lyrics in .lrc format, uses unsynced as fallback.
MD_ALLGENRES --md-allgenres False Save all relevant genres in metadata
MD_GENREDELIMITER --md-genredelimiter , Delimiter character used to split genres in metadata
DOWNLOAD_FORMAT --download-format ogg The download audio format (aac, fdk_aac, m4a, mp3, ogg, opus, vorbis)
DOWNLOAD_QUALITY --download-quality auto Audio quality of downloaded songs (normal, high, very_high*)
TRANSCODE_BITRATE --transcode-bitrate auto Overwrite the bitrate for ffmpeg encoding
SKIP_EXISTING_FILES --skip-existing True Skip songs with the same name
SKIP_PREVIOUSLY_DOWNLOADED --skip-previously-downloaded False Use a song_archive file to skip previously downloaded songs
RETRY_ATTEMPTS --retry-attempts 1 Number of times Zotify will retry a failed request
BULK_WAIT_TIME --bulk-wait-time 1 The wait time between bulk downloads
OVERRIDE_AUTO_WAIT --override-auto-wait False Totally disable wait time between songs with the risk of instability
CHUNK_SIZE --chunk-size 20000 Chunk size for downloading
DOWNLOAD_REAL_TIME --download-real-time False Downloads songs as fast as they would be played, should prevent account bans.
LANGUAGE --language en Language for spotify metadata
PRINT_SPLASH --print-splash False Show the Zotify logo at startup
PRINT_SKIPS --print-skips True Show messages if a song is being skipped
PRINT_DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS --print-download-progress True Show download/playlist progress bars
PRINT_ERRORS --print-errors True Show errors
PRINT_DOWNLOADS --print-downloads False Print messages when a song is finished downloading
TEMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR --temp-download-dir Download tracks to a temporary directory first

*very-high is limited to premium only


You can find the configuration file in following locations:

OS Location
Windows C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Zotify\config.json
MacOS /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/ApplicationSupport/Zotify/config.json
Linux /home/<USERNAME>/.config/zotify/config.json

To log out, just remove the configuration file. Uninstalling Zotify does not remove the config file.

Output format

With the option OUTPUT (or the commandline parameter --output) you can specify the output location and format.
The value is relative to the ROOT_PATH/ROOT_PODCAST_PATH directory and can contain the following placeholder:

Placeholder Description
{artist} The song artist
{album} The song album
{song_name} The song name
{release_year} The song release year
{disc_number} The disc number
{track_number} The track_number
{id} The song id
{track_id} The track id
{ext} The file extension
{album_id} (only when downloading albums) ID of the album
{album_num} (only when downloading albums) Incrementing track number
{playlist} (only when downloading playlists) Name of the playlist
{playlist_num} (only when downloading playlists) Incrementing track number

Example values could be:

{playlist}/{artist} - {song_name}.{ext}
{playlist}/{playlist_num} - {artist} - {song_name}.{ext}
{artist} - {song_name}.{ext}
{artist}/{album}/{album_num} - {artist} - {song_name}.{ext}

Docker Usage

Build the docker image from the Dockerfile:
  docker build -t zotify .
Create and run a container from the image:
  docker run --rm -v "$PWD/Zotify Music:/root/Music/Zotify Music" -v "$PWD/Zotify Podcasts:/root/Music/Zotify Podcasts" -it zotify

What do I do if I see "Your session has been terminated"?

If you see this, don't worry! Just try logging back in. If you see the incorrect username or password error, reset your password and you should be able to log back in.

Will my account get banned if I use this tool?

Currently no user has reported their account getting banned after using Zotify.

It is recommended you use Zotify with a burner account. Alternatively, there is a configuration option labeled DOWNLOAD_REAL_TIME, this limits the download speed to the duration of the song being downloaded thus appearing less suspicious. This option is much slower and is only recommended for premium users who wish to download songs in 320kbps without buying premium on a burner account.


Zotify is intended to be used in compliance with DMCA, Section 1201, for educational, private and fair use.
Zotify contributors are not responsible for any misuse of the program or source code.


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING


Please refer to CHANGELOG